Tiple live on the tube

Andy Thurston give us two nice 1924 T18 demos : fingerpicked and flatpicked...

Brian Wolfe and his wife performing an original song on a 1924 Martin T-18.

James Ralton give us a rock sound with an appropriate 1974 T28

Robyrobot present his 1921 T18 with a nice impro :

another Gadaya country tune on his Regal Tiple :

From Doubletwentyone a nice tune with an harmonic ending :

From the 2008 North California Uke fest, a nice jam conducted on tiple by Lee Murray and with great guests as Al Dodge and Robert Armstrong playing steel guitar & mando:

Two vintage country blues  from Gadya :

From Ackeim a nice tiple contribution for the 2 chords songbook :

From Ponchoman, an hawaiian uke teacher & seller, this tiple impro :