Not in tune....

.....an intersting fact, asserted by Paul Hostetter in this Mandolin Café topic : " Tiple trouble".
The brillant luthier consider that the makers builded all their tiples out of tune with full knowledge of the facts:

"One important point with tiple bridges, whether they're on Martins or Regal or L&H instruments, is that the parallel fret means they will never play in tune. Most people play them as a novelty item, not as a musical instrument, and it therefore won't matter. Whacking chords in first position, yes; above the third fret: ouch. "

He  solve the problem with this particular bridge compensation , encouraging every tiple owner to do so for a perfect tuning ..... You thought your instrument was hard to tune because of unison and octave pairs and trios, maybe Paul is opening our eyes and ears....


I just discovered some direct application of Paul suggestion ....
Terry Staker built this gorgeous bridge ( all details in this Tiple intonation topic on Frets.net) :

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